Audrey Mantel

Audrey Mantel

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First Name * Audrey
Last Name * Mantel
Username * Bloodwraith
Country * USA
City Diamond
Nationality Native American
Languages English



Availability: Freelance


Well Im old school, and by that I mean when I got my degree they didnt have computers at the school. So Im teaching myself,with limited sucess. I'd appriciate any recommendations or direction. I use Corel Painter ten, and Adobe Photoshop CS.

Ive bought quite a few books but have learned that trial and error are the best teachers.

I want to learn 3D animation but my math skills suck so........ But I will do it out of shear determination.

I havent posted any work because Im still self concious of my abilities. Ive gotten quite a few compliments from those that have seen my work but being judged by your peers is a whole other ballgame. Until then I lurk in the shodows and learn from you all. Some of you more than others, but hey everyone has thier favorites.